Qatari Natural Heritage Under the Microscope- Designs based on Flora and Fauna found in Qatar

November 5 - November 23, 2014 (Project Space)

Around 60 designs and patterns extracted form microscopic images of indigenous Qatari flora and fauna were created by students of Al Ruqayya School, Qatar Canadian School and Doha College through workshops led by artist Mariana Heilmann. This exhibition is in collaboration with UCL-Qatar and Dr. Aspasia Chatziefthimiou- Microbiologist at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Opening Reception: November 5, 6 - 9pm

Dutch design in Doha: The Future of 3D Printing

November 2 - November 9, 2014 (Concept Space)

This exhibition features 3D-printed models by award winning Dutch graduates Eindhoven Technical University Mark Brand, Ralph Zoontjens alongside 3D- printed models designed by student from VCUQ's Rapid Prototyping Course. Workshops and live 3D-printing demonstrations will take place during the exhibition's reception on November 2, 6pm.

This exhibition is in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Qatar and VCUQatar.

Alternative Realities

October 21 - October 30, 2014 (Project Space)

Alternative Realities features the artworks of VCUQatar senior Painting & Printmaking students Emelina Soares, Hana Al Saadi, Roda Al Nassr, Salma Hassan and Sumam Azzam.

Liquid Portraits - Christto & Andrew

October 19 - November 23,  2014 (Gallery)

Liquid Portraits is Christto & Andrew's second solo exhibition at the Katara Art Center. The exhibition offers a dialogue between Qatar's past, present and its aspired future through photography and installation.

Christto & Andrew are Qatar based artists. Their practice evolves as a cross-pollination of their differing ethnicity, that is, Puerto Rican (American) and the other South African.  The duo were selected as 2014 Foam Talent for Foam Magazine, exhibiting in Paris, Amsterdam and Dubai.They have previously shown in Spain, USA, Sri Lanka and Qatar, and are  currently represented by East Wing Gallery in Dubai, UAE and Gallery Espai Tactel in Valencia, Spain.

Liquid Portraits is curated by Misha Michael

Community Supported Art 2014

May 7 - June 4 2014 Community Supported Art 2014

The Exhibition will feature the artworks of 19 Doha-based artists selected by our selection committee from over 250 works submitted. Showcasing work from a variety of mediums from a diverse group of visual artists, CSA is designed to create dialogue between artists and collectors in Doha, vital to creating a sustainable art scene.

Forseeing Territories - Albaker Architects

30 April - 4 June 2014 Forseeing Territories

Albaker Architects continues its research into public spaces in Doha, with this exhibition focusing on their use and continued evolution taking place in KAC's Concept Space. Through an exploration of the sense of sight, smell, touch, and hearing, the installation aims to transport the viewer to three familiar environments in Doha, but in another time and place.

Woven Relations - Mohamed Abou El Naga

March 11 - April 12 2014 Woven Relations - Mohamed Abou El Naga

This exhibition of photomontage and mixed media works by Doha-based multidisciplinary visual artist, art professor, and curator Mohamed Abou El Naga. Derived from an intensely introspective experience seeing his own image in the glass case of an old traditional carpet, the artist's documents people's reflections while using the carpet as symbol of cultures, societies and identities.

Finding History in the Future - Aisha Al-Sowaidi

March 11 - April 12 2014 Finding History in the Future - Aisha Al-Sowaidi

An exhibition of design objects by the Doha-based designer Aisha Al-Sowaidi that explores the nostalgia and the traces of time. Drawing on subjective childhood memories of an altogether different city of Doha, the objects designed draw on experimentation with materials, behaviors and senses.

Dressing Up, Going Out, Eating In

28 January - 8 March 2014 Dressing Up, Going Out, Eating In

A collaboration between four designers, Della Reams, Johan Granberg, Jeanine Hill Rasmussen, and Rana Rwaished, this exhibition explores ideas behind dining with design-based installations, built by local craftspeople.
Based on the scene of a dinner for four, every element of the space becomes a consciously developed actor that interacts with the other, allowing visitors to explore the highly constructed ritual of the seated meal.

Resonance - Mariana Heilmann

4 February - 8 March Resonance - Mariana Heilmann

This exhibition of mixed media artworks and prints by Doha-based contemporary artist Mariana Heilmann stems from a continuation of her Energy series from 2005-6. Exploring the focus found in an unconscious and improvised process, the works see unity between the scientific and the spiritual, finding order in the smallest and the largest phenomena of both consciousness and the natural, physical world.

Max Eastley: Exhibition & Performance

15 December 2013 - 25 January 2014 Max Eastley

As part of Qatar-UK 2013, renowned British sound and installation artist Max Eastley will present an exhibition and performance of new work at Katara Art Center.

The artist's poetic and dreamlike installations, often based on the tension between instability and equilibrium in nature, will be constructed of materials and objects found in Doha. The exhibition and performance will be accompanied by an artist workshop, presenting a rare opportunity for Doha-based artists to interact and engage with an artist with over forty years of critical acclaim.

Moving Postcards

12 December 2013 - 9 January 2014 Max Eastley

The Moving Postcards Project is an innovative endeavor that documents changing life in Doha through a developing collection of video fragments. “Moving postcards” are micro-video loops that present a space, a behavior, or an atmosphere, particular to a local environment, in this collection, that of Qatar.

Developed through a collaborative effort between Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar, the Qatar Museums Authority, and Doha Film Institute, this exhibition will take place at Katara Art Center’s Concept Space, a venue that hosts programming that seeks to explore the ideas behind design.

Summer Diaries

13 November - 20 November 2013 Summer Diaries

At the end of summer, we reached out to our Doha-based community and asked them to share their images of summertime stories — whether they were meticulously taken with state-of-the-art DSLRs or quickly captured in motion on mobiles.

After a careful selection by a panel of an artist, a photographer, and a curator, the images will be produced and exhibited in the Gallery for one week.

Confusionism - Mahmoud Obaidi

6 October - 9 November 2013 Confusionism & Other Projects - Mahmoud Obaidi Solo Exhibition

The first solo exhibition in Doha of acclaimed Iraqi-Canadian contemporary artist Mahmoud Obaidi, under the high patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Thani. The solo exhibition features a collection of objects imbued with political significance that reflect the artist's signature approach which balances a dark humour and reflections on both universal and specific references to war and violence.

Standalone Tools - Rhys Himsworth

15 September - 28 October 2013 Standalone Tools - Rhys Himsworth

Featuring a number of new works, the artist's installations draw on both new and obsolete technology that interact with changes of information online and to visitors in the gallery. The work explores themes of surveillance, technological independence, and communication through computer-controlled machines that evoke emotional depth and response. Standalone Tools is a culmination of a one-year research project generously funded and supported through a VCUQatar faculty research grant.

Community Supported Art: At The Collectors

17 June - 20 July 2013 Street Language - Faraj Daham

This exhibition will explore the role and commitment of collectors in the Community Supported Art exhibition through a series of images documented from their private spaces in which they have placed the works of art.Through this documentation, one can examine the direct and varied relationships that collectors may have with the works of art themselves, but also with the artist and the context through which they have emerged. This exhibition was made possible by UCL-Qatar.

Community Supported Art

29 April - May 18, 2013 Street Language - Faraj Daham

The Community Supported Art project provides a platform for both emerging and established artists to present their work in a format that allows direct access of potential collectors of their work and to a wider audience. In bringing together both established and emerging artists through the Community Supported Art initiative, contributing collectors and the wider audience will be able to examine the diversity of styles and subject matter covered by the selected Doha-based artists.

Carthage Site - Maria Stabio

2 March - 31 March, 2013 Street Language - Faraj Daham

This debut solo show by Maria Stabio demonstrates the artist's attempt to move beyond still life painting, exploring everyday objects and settings through an intense focus nearing abstraction. The subject matter of her work deals with her experiences in Qatar, domesticity, and the female subject.

Contemporary Perspectives on Middle Eastern Crafts

20 February - 31 March, 2013 Street Language - Faraj Daham

"Contemporary Perspectives in Middle Eastern Crafts" by Carwan Gallery, is a project exploring new avenues in design. As part of the design focus of the Concept Space at KAC, the work of a selection of international designers are featured whose work is based around the traditional craft techniques of the Middle East.

Traces - Jaber AlAzmeh

31 January - 28 February, 2013 Street Language - Faraj Daham

The solo exhibition by Syrian photographer Jaber AlAzmeh reflects on the traces left by time on human-made objects. Through hauntingly detailed photographs of seemingly abandoned buildings, industrial objects, and debris the artist explores the relationship between human beings and time by what is left behind.

The Worst Calamity Makes One Laugh - Khalid Albaih

9 December, 2012 - 20 January, 2013 Street Language - Faraj Daham

Khalid Albaih is a Romanian-born, Doha-based Sudanese cartoonist and illustrator. His signature sharp, sparse style tackles a wide range of subjects, including contemporary politics, consumerism, Sudan, and the region. This exhibition showcases a curated selection of his work, and highlights the ability of cartoon and illustration to eloquently address issues of importance.

Record of Images in Algerian Film

15 November - 6 December 2012 Street Language - Faraj Daham

Featuring a collection of Algerian film posters that highlight the medium's representation of moving images, plans, plots, scripts, and protagonists. This exhibition is in partnership with the Doha Tribeca Film Festival's Tribute to Algerian Film and the Agence Algérienne de Rayonnement Culturel.

New City - Ben Barbour

17 September - 19 October, 2012 Street Language - Faraj Daham

Featuring a body of work illustrating the new city that is produced in development, the exhibition explores this unfinished complex of spaces, objects, and inhabitants gathered and left behind. With series of illustrations, mixed media works, and found objects, the artist attempts to reflect on the objects, spaces, and people that can be found there.

My Roulette - Hala Al Khalifa

9 May - 31 May, 2012 Street Language - Faraj Daham

An installation work described in the words of Nada Shabout: "In a visual ballad of pain and bliss, Hala al-Khalifa negotiates an aesthetic of trauma that commemorates the ten-year anniversary of her daily dilemma… 'My Roulette' represents Hala's attempt to attain a harmony of existence; an attempt of reconciliation of her fractured self that oscillates between the delectable warmth of her childhood memories and the new vibrant possibilities of her present."

Unparalleled Objectives - Christto Sanz & Andrew Jay Weir

5 May 2012 - June 18, 2012 Street Language - Faraj Daham

In this exhibition the artists explore Middle Eastern identities perceived in postmodern conditions through highly aestheticized compositions and references. Their subjects represent everyday misconceptions of Arab and Middle Eastern cultures in a multicultural context and the exchange and transactions which take place under such settings.

Street Language - Faraj Daham

15 March - 28 April 2012 Street Language - Faraj Daham

In this exhibition entitled "Street Language", the artist Faraj Daham reflects invites us to alter the traditional and conventional reception of elements surrounding us in the streets, which he reflected upon in his mixed media works, from various perspectives be it artistically, theoretically or scientifically.